Protect public safety while strengthening
purpose and respect

Law Enforcement

The broad mission of law enforcement has expanded well beyond public and department safety to include protecting and strengthening community relationships, public perceptions and respect for those who serve. In today’s highly-charged atmosphere, and with increased scrutiny from many sources, law enforcement leaders – chiefs, sheriffs and their deputies – must take urgent steps to ensure the most aligned structure possible, preventing unilateral practices that can reflect on the entire agency.

At the same time, internal structures are jeopardized by the demands of:

  • reduced resources,
  • conflicting initiatives,
  • staff stress and attrition,
  • financial constraints,
  • political-professional gaps,
  • lack of communication, and
  • team conflicts

The need for near-flawless operational performance and consistency magnifies the priority for robust alignment and organizational effectiveness practices.

The Orgametrics® Process is the straightest path to helping you understand critical alignment gaps, make sustainable, focused improvements quickly, and measure and document quantifiable metrics to demonstrate the positive results of your actions. Orgametrics works within the structures of your existing initiatives, providing a clearer picture of where actions must be concentrated and resulting in achieving larger goals of:

  • improved agency culture,
  • enhanced community relationships, and
  • simultaneous internal and public satisfaction.

Improve the alignment of your command and service structures, while fostering a new era of organizational effectiveness that leads to measurable, incremental improvements in many dimensions of agency performance.

Law Enforcement Client Story

Anoka County Sheriff, James Stuart, wanted to understand how well his leadership and staff understood and bought into the Mission and Vision of the Office. The results from their Orgametrics® Assessment, and subsequent work with the Orgametrics team, has helped each department, and the office overall, connect more effectively with why they exist. Watch Sheriff Stuart’s story here.

Scoring the 9 dimensions

Your Orgametrics® score serves as a benchmark on how well your organization is aligned in the 9 different dimensions that are measured. It is then used to measure progress after an action plan has been executed. The dimensions are Mission & Vision, Accountability, Teamwork, Development, Empowerment, Leadership, Communication, Best Practices and Creativity.

Case Study

A large suburban county Sheriff’s office believed it ran a solid ship and had engaged employees. They have seen themselves as one of the top agencies in their state. The Sheriff regularly spoke of the mission and vision of the department, but was intrigued with finding out how well-connected employees were to it.



Many law enforcement agencies have difficulty maintaining employee alignment with mission and vision. This is due, primarily, from the command and control nature of the industry as well as from emphasis on tactical, immediate needs. This happens in any organization, but losing alignment to mission and vision in law enforcement agencies can have larger and more visual impacts on the community they serve.



The Office took the Orgametrics® Assessment and were quite surprised with their Orgametrics® Score. Not unlike other law enforcement agencies, their Communications scores were low. While they communicate well the procedural and tactical aspects of law enforcement and communicated on a high level the mission and vision, actions and behaviors that reinforced how what they are doing connects with mission and vision was lacking. There was lack of teamwork across departments and, even within some departments.



Infinity Systems facilitated a working session where core leadership from each department (Sergeants and above) identified areas where they could improve in key alignment areas within their department. From there, they have called out specific action plans to improve and are holding themselves, and each other, accountable to improving communication, leadership and connection to mission and vision.

Although the Office is doing the day to day work in this effort, Orgametrics® is there to regularly help them stay on the right path. When a re-assessment occurs, the Office will see how their efforts have had an impact on their Orgametrics Scores and in the way they perform.

Team Members familiar with Law Enforcement

Erik Beckler

Erik works with all of our law enforcement clients across the country. His experience working in companies that required alignment down through teams and across teams allows him to work with sheriff’s offices and police departments to develop relevant, attainable goals and plans that connect with mission and vision and enhance public trust.

Joe Byrd

Joe has also worked with each of our law enforcement clients to help them understand where misalignment and ineffectiveness are occurring within their department. He has led several facilitations with law enforcement leadership to uncover issues, opportunities and develop priorities to move forward with the Orgametrics® process.