Maximize the potential of each student
with the resources you have


Your goal as an educational institution leader is to bring forward the highest potential in each student and leave none behind. Organizational misalignment, poor communications, inconsistencies or misunderstood expectations in your sensitive environment of tighter budgets, reduced staff and limited resources magnifies your challenges exponentially.

School performance, satisfaction and educational effectiveness are under increasing scrutiny from stakeholders across the community. Yet time and resources to respond to challenges and initiatives are greatly reduced.

The Orgametrics® Process helps you drive organizational alignment and effectiveness, getting your teams on track to achieve their goals and objectives.

Your alignment efforts are a key component to the improvement of the metrics you care about, including:

  • educational outcomes,
  • retaining students,
  • attracting qualified teachers and faculty,
  • parent interaction, or even
  • organizational enthusiasm.

With Orgametrics®, you’ll have the quantifiable data you need to document and present a portrait of improved institutional performance, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction, a focused plan you can use to continue alignment efforts and a team at the ready to help you stay on track with your efforts.

How Does Orgametrics® Work for Educational Institutions?

A large, suburban K-12 school district was facing changing demographics, stagnant and decreasing standardized test scores and declining student enrollment. Learn how the Orgametrics® approach to alignment helped them right the ship within a year.

    The Orgametrics team will be there every step of the way to facilitate the continuous improvement process for your organization with their team of experts. I encourage any organization which is considering using the Orgametrics tool to employ their services without reservation, as you embark upon your alignment journey.

    Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammel, Superintendent, Oakland Unified School District

    Education Leader Stories

    Greater Alignment Allows this District to Focus on Needs vs. Wants

    Dr. Ayindé Rudolph of the Mountain View-Whisman (CA) School District wanted to learn how well his district was connected with their recently completed Strategic Plan.

    As a result of their Orgametrics® journey towards greater alignment, the District was able to see how they could save $250,000 by eliminating a good program that was a want, but not a need. This allowed them to allocate the money towards other critical needs.

    Orgametrics® Assessment Insights Bring Increased Staff Performance

    Julie Critz, Superintendent of Alexandria (MN) Public Schools, had many ways to measure student performance. However, she wanted to find ways to see how staff was performing.

    Insights gained from multiple Orgametrics® Assessments have helped her develop and refine ways each school and the district can communicate and work in closer connection with their Strategic Plan.

    Team Members familiar with Education

    Erik Beckler

    Erik has 15 years of experience developing and inspiring youth through sport, mentoring coaches to embody leadership principles and has taught international finance in Hamline University’s MBA program. Erik’s experience and coaching style is focused on getting leaders to learn how to see differently, practice new techniques, ingrain learnings into daily work and measure the impact on a company.

    Joe Byrd

    Joe has extensive experience working with our education clients assessing their alignment and developing plans to increase their effectiveness. His prior experience of doing the same with individuals and groups has enabled our clients to challenge themselves while making efforts reasonable given current demands.