Align for higher productivity and profitability


The primary goal of a corporate leader is delivering optimal productivity and profits in the service of customers and shareholders. Effective leaders universally recognize the value of a clearly articulated mission, vision and strategy in achieving high performance. But even the strongest articulation alone does not translate into practice when devoid of alignment principles. Examples of challenges resulting from misalignment can include unclear communication from managers to their teams, dissatisfied employees, teams not working well together, languishing projects and decay of margins.

The Orgametrics® Process helps you understand the alignment gaps in your company, precisely identifies your strengths and improvement opportunities to focus on, and helps you develop an efficient, actionable plan to achieve the goals and objectives that have been set for your company. Our expert team guides you through entire process from planning, execution to assessing results after action is taken. Your organizational effectiveness efforts are a key component to increasing the metrics you care about, whether it be product development, employee performance, production, company culture or profitability. When a company is truly aligned, you will see and measure sustainable improvements in how information flows and how teams start working better together, achieving initiatives and desired results with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Each metric is directly connected with the Orgametric improvements.

How Orgametrics® Works

Orgametrics® is an innovative leadership service that delivers facts and scoring method used to baseline current organization performance, and then used to re-score following actions, to document and demonstrate organizational improvement in a measurable way. The 9 different dimensions measured are used to identify what you are doing well and where you need improvement. Based on the results and insights our expert team, who knows your industry and challenges, works with you side-by-side on your areas of improvement to develop a sustainable strategy that is aligned with your organization’s objectives and goals.

Scoring the 9 dimensions

Your Orgametrics® score serves as a benchmark on how well your organization is aligned in the 9 different dimensions that are measured. It is then used to measure progress after an action plan has been executed. The dimensions are Mission & Vision, Accountability, Teamwork, Development, Empowerment, Leadership, Communication, Best Practices and Creativity.


Why Orgametrics®?

Chris Roberts of Cargill explains the value of using Orgametrics® to measure their Alignment in an ongoing strategy to continue making progress.

Case Study

A large medical device company has sustained growth for more than 50 years as the market leader. The margins on the products have been so robust that the company puts more money into R & D than the sum total of its competitors. The result of this significant investment has afforded the company technological superiority.



Over the past 10+ years, competition has become formidable and the company’s legacy sales force has not evolved to meet the challenge. The strategy to maintain higher pricing while gaining market share was conflicting and the organizational structure was not keeping pace with customer expectations. Leadership has been promoted based on past performance, yet the marketplace is changing faster than the leaders can evolve. The field sales force is challenged by the complexity of customer needs, a conflicting corporate message.



Before an organization gets engaged it must first get aligned. In order to get aligned, one VP/leader elected to get a baseline read on alignment. Specifically, the leader wanted to know the degree to which the employees had bought-in to the Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. Orgametrics® provided a view into this organization that was never before seen.

As challenges were identified, the leader pulled in the leadership team to identify solutions. The solutions were stack ranked based on perceived return and resource requirements to implement. These leaders not only identified a common goal, but created a master list of action items to address the organizational misalignment(s). The exercise drove teamwork and the outcome (master list) drove organizational effectiveness.



This medical device company was able to realize 13 percent year-over-year growth in a flat market within eight months of introducing Orgametrics®. Employee turnover decreased more than 30 percent with restored trust and confidence in leadership. Sales forecast accuracy improved 20 percent which lead to significant supply chain cost savings.

Team Members familiar with Corporate

Erik Beckler

Erik has led teams for a Fortune Global 500 as well as smaller organizations. He has led by focusing on key alignment drivers and searching for innovative ways to meet needs of customers and his staff. His coaching style is to challenge clients to learn how to see differently, practice new techniques, ingrain learnings into daily work and measure the impact on a company.

Joe Byrd

Joe has owned companies and worked in various departments within many more. His experience is focused on establishing baseline metrics and goals and then setting up viable, attainable plans to reach those goals. Joe works with clients to see the end game and practice the process to get there.

Art Johnson

Art serves as CEO of Orgametrics and works with clients across the country. Art’s has a long history with large corporations, with leadership stints at IBM, USWest (CenturyLink) and Medtronic. Art has also served as an Adjunct Professor with the Hamline University School of Business teaching their MBA candidates in Strategic Management.