Addressing COVID-19 challenges among state and local governments
May 19, 2020
Podcast: Defining Organizational Alignment
June 19, 2020

Orgametrics Reaction to George Floyd’s Killing: Alignment to Mission and Vision of the USA is Desperately Needed

The killing of George Floyd in our hometown of Minneapolis has rocked our community and has led to demonstrations around the world not only about police violence against communities of color, but for justice for all humans.

Erik Beckler, our Chief Alignment Whisperer, created this special podcast episode to talk about our reaction to this killing. It speaks to not only how law enforcement communities struggle behaving in a manner that’s in alignment with its mission and vision, but how our government and social institutions. as well we as individual citizens, need to stand up and behave in accordance with the mission and vision of our United States of America.

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