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August 20, 2018
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INC – Mark Eaton’s 4 Commitments You Must Make to Succeed Individually and as a Team

There’s a marvelous article about former NBA and Utah Jazz center Mark Eaton. Mark was a key component of the Jazz teams of the 80s and early 90s. He is the NBA/ABA career leader in blocks per game. He has a new book about 4 commitments he believes are needed to be successful as an individual and as a team. These commitments are:

  1. Know your job
  2. Do what you’ve been asked to do
  3. Make others look good
  4. Protect others

What is really interesting about this article is how the 4 commitments really speak to a person’s, team’s or organization’s alignment to its core mission. When all understand their role, how to do what they’ve been asked to do because they’ve asked questions and clarified expectations, are humble enough to make others look good and protect others to allow them to strive further to meet the mission goals, great things happen. Each of these 4 commitments speak to personal and joint accountability also.

Leadership is not immune to this. In fact, it’s more critical they live these as well as the rest of the team. Undertanding that their job is to align their team to the organization’s mission, empower others to communicate and do their job, look good and protect others when they are striving to do good things (as opposed to blind protection even when bad things have been done) will help breed success.


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