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November 3, 2020
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Podcast – Misdventures in Engagement and KPI Measurement

Today’s podcast episode responds to a listener question regarding employee engagement’s lack of ability to be connected with key metrics within an organization.

It’s been well-known that engagement data can be tied on a normative basis with other organizations. Hence, you’re able to see that those who scored higher engagement scores are performing higher than peers. That’s great at that level to show the importance of engagement.

However, there are a variety of steps and initiatives that need to be accomplished to reach those top level goals. This is where engagement stumbles. Because there isn’t a core connector in engagement data, the IT or finance deparment cannot tie increases in engagement with increases in KPI performance or even where they could use the data to improve what they are doing.

Measuring alignment to mission and vision provides that core connector within a deparment and across departments. Alignment data can show how a pillar, such as accountability, can have impacts on core operational detail you measure which have impacts to the top level numbers that get announced.

It’s in this day-to-day work where the magic happens. If you can’t connect changes in how you work with engagement, why do it?

Keep those questions coming.

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