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December 9, 2020
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Podcast – Misadventures in Leading the Same Way in COVID

Studies are showing that a majority of employees are settling into working from home and could see themselves staying with such an arrangement in significant form moving forward. However, managers are less inclined to want to stay remote and would like to have employees come back into the office.

We’ve been having discussions about this topic amongst the team and believe leaders feel this way because they are afraid. They’re afraid that a core tool in their box of management – having employees in one place to watch – has been taken from them and they’re less equipped to perform adequately. They feel they have less control over those in the team to get work done.

While the actuality of having people in the office, and the energy and impact such interactions have is missing, the actions of leadership are not dependent on the ‘channel’ of being physically present. Aligning your team and organization can be effectively done whatever the physical situation.

This podcast goes through 3 ways leaders can exercise aligned leadership in a virtual environment for the betterment of themselves, other employees, the team and the entire organization.

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