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October 15, 2020
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October 21, 2020

Podcast – Misadventures in Leading by Fear and Intimidation

In USA Basketball coaches training, they discuss the distinction between power and trust in the coach-player relationship. The coach, always, has a level of upper hand power. This could be seen in playing time. But, it also shows itself in the way the coach treats the player and communicates with them. Coaches can exercise a level of power that can siginificantly lower trust levels.

The same thing happens in the workplace. ‘Bosses’ hold the power in the relationship with employees they lead. Some bosses believe that putting employees on the edge of fear for their jobs or reprisal puts them at a level where they are heightened to executing at a high level.

This podcast discusses the misadventures in leading with fear and intimidation and how it creates misaligned empployees by keeping purpose out of the equation.

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