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October 12, 2020
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October 15, 2020

Podcast – Misadventures in Believing what You are Seeing is the WHOLE Truth

Our direct, high-def vision only focuses on a small fraction of a scene in front of us. The area of the eye dedicated to this vision only takes 5% of the cornea’s space. However, it takes a much larger amount of our brain space to process.

We’ve evolved to focus our attention on what we see as important, either to recognize a potential threat or examine the detail in something we care about. The rest of our vision goes peripheral, which is much less capable of delivering detailed information to our brains.

What we see and how we process it as truth is dependant on much more than the actual information received. Our expectations, beliefs, experiences, location in a scene and state of mind all play crucial roles in the dissemination process.

However, were trust what we see and interpret as the WHOLE truth.

Aligned leaders have the humility to know they don’t see everything and that others bring valuable and TRUTHFUL interpretations of the same scene. They practice the art of piecing together various truths to gain a more robust version of reality.

This podcast digs into this idea and how leaders can develop greater capacity to see the GREATER truth happening around them.

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