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September 30, 2020
Podcast – 4 Differences in Organizational Alignment v Employee Engagement
October 8, 2020

Podcast – 3Ms CTO John Banovetz on Leadership, Teamwork and Innovation

I’ve known current 3M CTO John Banovetz since 1984. We were basketball teammates at Hamline University where his job was to score and my job was to make it as tough on him to do so in practice every day.

Through our experience together, we developed not only a lasting friendship, but also a great deal about alignment to mission and vision. Additionally, we worked on practicing our craft to maximize our personal and collective potential through many of the alignment pillars we measure at Orgametrics.

I had the pleasure of talking with John about our experience at Hamline, how 3M looks to fulfill its vision, the processes they use to practice alignment, diversity and inclusion and their 15% culture that has created products like Post-It(r) Notes.

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