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August 27, 2018
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September 10, 2018

Inc. – 6 Leadership Skills you Should Practice Daily

This Inc article from April 2018 outlines 6 leadership skills you should practice daily for them to rave about you. We see these less as skills and more as philosophies or attitudes. The six listed are being able to:

  1. Display authenticity
  2. Value others as workers and human beings
  3. Grow your people
  4. Provide direction
  5. Share leadership
  6. Build community

Certainly, there are tasks and processes that can be practiced, but aligned leaders have these as part of their being and are able to utilize them at will. We so often see our coaching and consulting work centered on helping leaders develop these capabilities. Yes, they are practiced, but the practice is to bring the attitude and perspective change to allow themselves to demonstrate these capabilities regularly.

Ask yourself if you can honestly say you interact with your team and organization in these ways. If not, would you like to? What do you believe the impact would be?

Read the Inc. article here.


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