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December 2, 2020
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December 17, 2020

Podcast – How Prince’s Creativity Applies to Your Organization

Everyone has an artist that inspires them. This artist might have been a part of their growing up. They might be someone they’ve come to appreciate in adulthood. However it comes forth, such artists bring an awe in us relating to the creativity they’ve put forth to deliver such impactful works.

For me, that person is Prince. Prince is one of the most iconic musicians and songwriters of all time. Over 4 decades, he delivered 39 albums including such seminal works as 1999, Purple Rain, and Sign O’ the Times.

However, Prince’s abilities, which almost none of us can possess, were honed through a process that allowed him to take what was in his head and work on it until a final product came out.

This episode delves into four specifics of Prince’s process and how they can apply to your organization in terms of developing greater aligned creativity.

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