The Orgametrics® Philosophy

Orgametrics strives to maximize society’s human potential. We believe there’s inherent untapped capabilities in all of us and our organizations by driving more effectiveness and greater alignment with mission, vision and/or strategic plans.

True organizational effectiveness occurs when agreement, connection and alignment to the Mission, Vision and/or strategic plan occurs down and through your organization. It’s demonstrated in actions and behaviors of all involved. Aligned, effective organizations:

  • release better products and services more quickly,
  • outperform like organizations in key metrics like sales, profit, test scores and customer/citizen satisfaction, and
  • fulfill their mission and vision more effectively.

Orgametrics helps your organization become all it can be.

While comprehensive, Orgametrics is flexible enough to provide you with tools and support based on where you are at on your journey. Orgametrics begins with the Orgametrics® Assessment, and your Orgametrics® Score. This Orgametrics Score shows you where alignment can be improved by function, department, leadership, etc. and is the key to the map that sets you off on the right path towards greater organizational effectiveness.

From there, we work with you, through your current initiatives and programs, to place you and your leadership on a different level of effectiveness. We help you not settle for checking items off lists, but discover ways to have more impact with your limited resources. However, if you wish to take the Orgametrics journey on your own, we can provide you a map to use. Whatever path you choose, we are there to support you.

Working greater organizational effectiveness through alignment doesn’t mean much if it can’t be tied back to key metrics. Because we focus on the current strategies and initiatives you are working on, we can tie increased alignment and effectiveness to your own performance measures to see how these efforts impact performance. You’d be hard pressed to be able to do that with employee engagement or satisfaction efforts.

Orgametrics® History

Orgametrics started through the efforts of its CEO, Art Johnson. Through Art’s time with companies such as IBM, US West (CenturyLink) and Medtronic, Art realized, in order to drive real organizational effectiveness, he needed to better align his organization to its Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan. He noticed how intentional and consistent words and actions to align his organizations drove effectiveness and performance to market leading levels.

Art wanted to develop a tool to that could measure how aligned and effective teams were so other organizations could benefit from greater effectiveness. Soon, clients were asking to not just assess their teams, but help them with the improvement process. Because it’s one thing to know where there are issues; it’s another thing altogether to commit to the work to align an organization, drive its effectiveness and tie those efforts to internal performance measure that matter.


Art Johnson

Art serves as CEO of Orgametrics and works with clients across the country. Art has a long history with large corporations, with leadership stints at IBM, USWest (CenturyLink) and Medtronic. Art has also served as an Adjunct Professor with the Hamline University School of Business teaching their MBA candidates in Strategic Management.

Del Johnson
Vice President of Business Development

Del’s education and corporate experience, most notably running the college and career center for Minneapolis Public Schools, gives him unique insight into understanding the challenges of organizations wishing to develop truly effective and aligned teams and leaders through Orgametrics.

Joe Byrd
Vice President of Operations

Joe serves as a primary contact for each step of Orgametrics. From setting up and delivering the Orgametrics® Assessment to coordinating the rest of the journey, Joe’s experience running his own businesses and supporting the operations of many others brings forth a solid customer experience.

Erik Beckler
Chief Alignment Whisperer

Erik serves as the primary Alignment and Effectiveness consultant for Law Enforcement and Corporate clients and supports our Education practice. Erik has led many teams within corporations, taught at Hamline University and has developed youth basketball players for nearly 15 years. His work has led to market-leading performance, increased effectiveness and emerging leaders that spur on an aligned culture.

Orgametrics Consultants

A critical part of driving Organizational Alignment and Leadership development is intentionally and consistently putting the work in to develop and ingrain new skills and processes. Our Orgametrics Journey process brings this forth through our Alignment Chiropractors. We bring forth experienced and skilled practitioners to the table to assist you in your journey. As we get to understand you and your needs better, we can help select the inviduals that would be best suited to get the job done.

Erik Beckler
Erik brings his leadership experience from the corporate, sports and education worlds to leaders open to addressing the questions they have about how to maximize organizational potential. Erik’s experience includes:

  • 25 years of global company leadership experience
  • Jr. NBA Minnesota Coach of the Year 2017-18
  • Former Adjunct Professor in Hamline University’s MBA program

Dr. Pedro Noguera
Pedro is currently a Distinguished Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA.  He has authored 12 books including his most recent, Race, Equity and Education: The Pursuit of Equality in Education 60 Years After Brown, as well as over 200 articles and monographs. Pedro’s experience also includes:

  • Former tenured professor and endowed chair at each NYU, Harvard and Cal-Berkeley
  • Frequent commentator on educational issues for the national media
  • Ph.D. in Sociaology from the University of California at Berkeley

Dr. Ken Bartlett
As professor and former Associate Dean at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Bartlett brings experience examining the process, outcomes, and context of human resource development, training, lifelong learning, and organizational change for his students and for organizations globally. Ken’ experience includes:

  • Ph.D. in Human Resource Education & M.Sc from University of Illinois
  • Numerous global honors and awards for his lifelong work
  • Published 14 times in journals on Human Resource Development

Paula Reed
Paula brings her experience cultivating collaborative partnerships between educators and businesses for the benefit of key community stakeholders. Paula’s experience includes:

  • Sales and Marketing Leadership in companies of all sizes
  • Board work for school district foundations
  • Executive Leadership Certification from the University of Maryland

Mandeldove Sadler
Mandeldove has been involved in teaching for over 20 years at the elementary and middle school levels.  Currently a doctoral candidate at National Louis University, she also has extensive experience as a school principal.  Mandeldove’s experience also includes:

  • M.A. in Reading Education from Roosevelt University and M.A. in Educational Leadership from Concordia University (IL)
  • Writer for winning $25MM grant for Chicago Public Schools Striving Reading Grant
  • Currently Deputy Chief of Transformation at Youngstown City Schools (OH)

Trudy Ohnsorg
Trudy Ohnsorg brings decades of experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors helping organizations and their people align to successfully meet changing needs and execute complex projects. As a Partner and Principal at Cincinnatus, Inc., she has provided Strategic Planning consultation for numerous clients. Ohnsorg’s experience also includes:

  • M.P.H. from the University of MN School of Public Health
  • Director of Interagency Health Reform for the State of Minnesota
  • Board Secretary at the Minnesota Humanities Center

Dr. Airies Davis
Dr. Davis brings significant corporate and education experience helping clients, including Chicago Public Schools, maximize potential. Her expertise centers around workforce readiness and emotional intelligence. Airies’ experience includes:

  • Ed.D. in Urban Education and Leadership from University of Southern California
  • Executive MBA from University of Illinois
  • Various HR leadership roles in multiple companies

Advisory Board

  • Ken Bartlett, PhD, Professor of Human Resource Development, University of Minnesota
  • Brad Beman, CEO, Tortoise Credit Strategies
  • Milton Dodd, Director of Sales, Lifetouch
  • Dayton Hultgren, PhD, Consultant
  • Walter Bond, CEO, Walter Bond Seminars
  • Darrin Hebert, Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Rose McKinney, CEO, Pineapple RM
  • Brian Mallaro, Partner, Deloitte Tax
  • Artie Miller, VP of Human Resources, Medtronic
  • Preston Simons, CIO, Aurora Health
  • Pete Smith, CEO (Retired), Towers Watson
  • Kevin Wright, Managing Partner, Aeriis Insights Group
  • Brian Schnell, Partner and Chair of Franchise Practice, Faegre Baker Daniels