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organizational alignment and effectiveness

Orgametrics® shows you how to achieve more with less.

Less time. Fewer resources. Reduced staff. This is the new reality for many organizations. To deliver optimal results in this lean environment, leaders must ensure their organization is completely aligned and focused on their mission, values and strategies. Leaders must quickly uncover disconnects, know where to focus with clarity, quickly deploy informed strategies, and validate their resulting actions with provable metrics. The powerful, proven Orgametrics Process maximizes your organization’s potential by driving new levels of effectiveness through a measurable, focused and actionable alignment strategy we facilitate together with your team.

Achieve organizational effectiveness

We work with:  Corporations    Education     Law Enforcement    Government     Healthcare    Banks    Non-Profits


Corporate leaders want their organization to deliver higher productivity and profits with reduced costs. Orgametrics quickly identifies areas of improvement to gain greater alignment and get the most out of employees.


With Orgametrics, school districts can identify key areas of organizational effectiveness, remove distractions and empower faculty to focus on maximizing the potential of each student.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement leadership wants to promote public safety and foster trust among those who serve their community. Orgametrics uncovers areas of focus and actions that improve the alignment amongst office departments and the public needs.

Why Orgametrics® is Different. And Better.

Measurable Assessment.

Orgametrics eliminates vague ideas and soft metrics. It delivers quantifiable scoring that can be used to baseline your current performance – and then be re-scored following your actions to document and demonstrate organization improvement. Orgametrics identifies and validates the effectiveness of your actions with certainty.

Focused Plan.

Orgametrics is a precision tool that investigates 9 different measurable dimensions of organizational effectiveness to quickly identify what you are doing well and where you need to focus improvement activities. This means you can concentrate on areas where efforts will pay off, while not breaking the areas that are already successful.

Actionable Results.

Orgametrics generates precise insights on areas of need. Then our experienced team of alignment experts work side-by-side with you in a strong, consultative process to develop actions that quickly deliver sustainable improvements. Unlike surveys that only point out problems, we actively work with you to pull through lasting solutions.

How Orgametrics® Works

Orgametrics is a proprietary tool and proven process that facilitates:

1) Orgametrics score baseline and metrics
2) Focused assessment
3) Consultative strategies
4) Deployable actions
5) Improvement measurement & documentation

Alignment and increased effectiveness is only a small part of what the Orgametrics process can uncover and deliver within your organization.

Your Orgametrics Score assesses the nine dimensions of organizational effectiveness

Your Orgametrics® Score is a benchmark on how well your organization is aligned in each of the nine different dimensions of organizational effectiveness. Your score, and the connected assessment, provides hard metrics of your strengths and sharpens your focus on areas for improvement. Following jointly-developed strategies and actions, your Orgametrics Score over time provides unassailable evidence of improvement and alignment within your organization.